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Elastiek Streep Zwart Licht Roze

Artikel nummer:32187

Pagina nummer:453

Comp.: 85% polyamide 10% polyester 5% lycra
Width: 30 mm breed


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What do I use Elastiek Streep Zwart Licht Roze for?

Our customers use Elastiek Streep Zwart Licht Roze mostly to be creative with! It's a required element when you like DIY's and handcraft for your hobbies. Creatives love making clothes with it. Use it when you make your own t-shirt or create it with your hand made dress. Or can you use it for making a new handbag? Other people use it when they decorate their home. Try creating a pillow or a blanket. No matter what you do with it, be creative:)

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