Delay DPD parcels

DPD is experiencing delays in their lead-time, contact DPD about the current status.



Shipping process

Once your order has been received, it is processed by our back office. No changes can then be made at this point. Keep in mind that orders through an agent need more time to be processed. You will receive your invoice by e-mail as your order has been packed. Another e-mail will be sent when your order is offered to our parcel service. It contains track-and-trace numbers that allow you to track your package online.

Current processing time

Currently 8 working days.



Shipping costs per package, fabrics and haberdashery as a separate order.

EU Continent (by DPD) starting 01-01-2020

 Shipping costsAdditional Fee Outlying areas
Netherlands (NL)€ 6,95€ 9,00
Belgium (BE)€ 6,95 
Bosnia (BA)€ 29,00 
Bulgaria (BG) 1€ 29,00 
Denmark (DK)€ 12,95€ 10,00
Germany (DE)€ 6,95€ 12,00
Estonia (EE)€ 29,00€ 23,00
Finland (FL)€ 20,00€ 23,00
France (FR)€ 13,95€ 10,00
Greece (GR) 1€ 37,00€ 23,00
Great Britain (GB)€ 13,95€ 23,00
Hungary (HU)€ 29,00 
Ireland (IE)€ 33,00 
Iceland (IS) 1€ 48,00 
Italy (IT)€ 19,00€ 19,00
Croatia (HR) 1€ 29,00€ 23,00
Latvia (LV)€ 29,00 
Liechtenstein (LI) 1€ 19,00 
Lithuania (LT)€ 29,00 
Luxembourg (LU)€ 9,95 
Monaco (MC)€ 20,00 
Norway (NO) 1€ 24,00€ 72,50
Austria (AT)€ 12,95 
Poland (PL)€ 16,00 
Portugal (PT)€ 26,00€ 55,00
Romania (RO) 1€ 29,00 
Serbia (CS) 1€ 29,00 
Slovenia (SL)€ 29,00 
Slovakia (SK)€ 29,00 
Spain (ES)€ 22,00€ 37,50
Czech Republic (CZ)€ 29,00 
Sweden (SE)€ 20,00€ 13,00
Switzerland (CH) 1€ 13,95 


We ship worldwide. We need to calculate custom shipping costs based on your order. We will let you know the price before shipping. You can also arrange the shipment yourself or pick it up in The Netherlands.